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Welcome to Poor Germany

How the Merkel government is risking Germany’s future by underinvestment and other ill-applied policy approaches.

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No Buicks! Janis Joplin’s Message to Donald Trump

Vanity and materialism — not cheating — drive German luxury car sales in the US.

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German Stubbornness: Why Not Finally Relent on the Trade Surplus?

Why are Germans so enamored with their trade surpluses? When will they see it is against their own, well-understood self-interest?

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ISIS Crisis: Blame Germany and China?

Terrorism is inspired and financed by the failings of the global economy.

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Don’t Worry, Germany: Export All the BMWs You Want!

A pathway to reducing Germany’s current account surplus.

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A Closer Look at Germany’s Trade Deficits(!)

Germany may run a trade surplus overall, but with some countries it has a deficit.

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Those Pesky German Trade Surpluses

Why it is in Germany’s own interest to change course.

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Who Really Gains from the Euro?

How has the euro crisis turned the potential benefits of the euro for the South into a substantial loss for everybody?

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Thailand and the World Financial Crisis

How will civil unrest further damage Thailand’s economic position?

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Vulnerable China and the Trade Surplus: Part III

How does China’s trade surplus affect its role in the global economy?

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