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Annual Population Growth by Region

How much did different world regions gain in population over the past year?

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World Leaders in Wine Imports

Which two countries are the largest buyers of foreign wine?

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Karen Hughes and American Muslims

How can U.S. Muslims improve the image of the United States in the Middle East and beyond?

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We Are the World: Super Bowl XXXIX

Why do Americans call their American sport a world championship game?

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Kids Packing Bags For the Empire?

What kind of future is the U.S. education system preparing young Americans for?

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Fast Forward to 2025 and Beyond

Disease, drugs, crime and politics — which best characterizes the problems of the future?

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Europe and Transatlantic Futures

Is multilateralism the best way to combat the global problem of terrorism?

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The World at War — Thinking the Unthinkable

Should the world be concerned that it is in a state of global war?

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