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The Globalist’s Top Ten Features on China

What are The Globalist’s most thought-provoking essays about China?

January 26, 2011

What are The Globalist's most thought-provoking essays about China?
1. When China Challenged America to Catch Mice
Has the United States ceded the art of pragmatism to the Chinese?

By Edward Goldberg
2. China’s New Doctrine: Mental Power for Uncertain Times
How does the concept of “mental power” provide a useful prism through which to view U.S.-China affairs?

By Yamei Shen
3. The American Dream Is Alive and Well…In China
Could it be that the Chinese now believe more in the American Dream than do Americans themselves?

By Stephan Richter
4. The Battle of the Billionaires: China Vs. India
What are major differences in the population patterns of the world’s two billion-people countries?

By Joseph Chamie
5. China’s BYD: Bury Your Dreams?
Will Chinese battery manufacturer BYD be able to achieve its dream of becoming a leading electric-car maker?

By Stephan Richter
6. Diabetes: What Really Ails China
How is diabetes one of the most overlooked consequences of China’s increasing prosperity?

By César Chelala
7. China’s Looming 2019 Deadline
Is there a 70-year deadline for political parties?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann
8. Dateline China: Mr. Zhou Takes on Western Finance
Might China’s Communist Party present a better training ground for today’s financial edifices than the practices prevailing in the West?

By Stephan Richter
9. Can the “China Miracle” Last?
How long can China’s economy grow as rapidly as it is expanding now?

By Stephen S. Roach
10. Shanghai and Hong Kong: China’s Emerging Global Financial Hubs
How have Shanghai and Hong Kong contributed profoundly to China’s economic progress?

By Dan Steinbock