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The Globalist’s Top Ten Richter Scale Features of 2010

What were The Globalist’s most insightful Richter Scale features in 2010?

December 28, 2010

What were The Globalist's most insightful Richter Scale features in 2010?

Our top ten Richter Scale features of 2010:

1. The Weimar Republic and the Ominous Rise of Jon Stewart
Why is Jon Stewart’s rise bad news — not just for the United States, but also the world as a whole?
2. The American Dream Is Alive and Well…In China
Could it be that the Chinese now believe more in the American Dream than do Americans themselves?
3. Britain: A Normal Country, At Long Last (Like Germany)
How is the UK’s coalition government reinventing British politics and society?
4. Fiscal Keynesianism for the Upper Classes
Can the United States afford fiscal favors being showered on wealthy Americans?
5. Dateline Shenzhen: Hu Wants My Wallet
How is China living in the years 2010 and 1980 simultaneously?
6. Where Fox News Gets It Right
Why should the mainstream U.S. media take a page from Fox News and offer clearer connections between issues?
7. The Scarecrow of State Capitalism
Is state capitalism really a scheme to paralyze free-market democracies?
8. Goldman Sachs and the Vatican: Two Cultures of Infallibility
What could the world's most successful financial firm learn from the travails of the Catholic Church?
9. The U.S. Healthcare Debate: Still Catching Up to Bismarck
Will U.S. leaders finally strike the same bargain that Germany's arch-conservative leader pulled off back in 1883?
10. Obama and Merkel at the G20: Loved in the World, Unwanted at Home
Why are Barack Obama and Angela Merkel more popular abroad than at home?