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Mr. Trump, Just Follow Germany’s Example

Republicans coming up short on Obamacare Repeal and Replace

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Political Inversions: Clinton in ’08 and Obama in ’16?

A reflection on the strategic consequences of accidental American political inversions.

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Behind the Real U.S. Strategic Blunder in Syria

Obama’s Syria policy failed because it did not anticipate provoking Iranian and Russian interventions.

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To Pres. Obama and Secretary Clinton: “In The Name of God, Go”

The two deserve enormous blame, over the years, for the recent election outcome.

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Obama’s Record: We Told You So, 2009-2016

Predictions ahead of and assessments during President Obama’s tenure.

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Obama at Hiroshima

The U.S. president’s visit to the atomic bombing memorial caps his foreign policy agenda.

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Obama’s Farewell to Europe

Is the 44th U.S. President burying the Euro-Atlantic alliance?

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The Silent Emergence of the Obama Doctrine

A President who ended the curious U.S. practice of turning natural allies into mortal enemies.

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Obama Goes Atlantic: Between Vanity and Reflection

How U.S. Presidents focus on shaping their image for posterity.

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U.S. Presidents Abroad — In 10 Facts

A brief history of presidential travel.

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