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Understanding the Ukraine Conflict: The Globalist’s Top Ten

As Putin’s and Russia’s war in Ukraine rages on, we present our top ten features exploring the conflict, its causes and its effects.

July 11, 2023

1. End of the Ukraine War?

Reflections on the possible benefits of Prigozhin’s March to Justice – and an important precedent from modern Chinese history.

By J.D. Bindenagel

2. Putin’s Perverted Genocidal “Logic”

The international community should pay much closer attention to the completely perverted reasoning behind Putin calling for a “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.

By Gunnar Heinsohn

3. War In Ukraine: Putin Can’t Win — But the US Can Lose

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam demonstrates that Russia is resorting to increasingly desperate measures. The question is how the West will respond.

By Alexei Bayer

4. Bringing Russian Oligarchs to Justice

Why we need to worry that the current zeal of Western authorities to go after the Russian oligarchs will decline over time.

By Frank Vogl

5. How the War in Ukraine Affects Africa

Poor countries bear a disproportionate brunt of Putin’s war. But the fundamental reshaping of energy policies also offers seeds of hope for Africa.

By Ayesha Kajee

6. The New Cold War Era

How Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine are altering many previously long-held assumptions. Being criminal – and monstrous — is what Russia’s presumed “greatness” has been reduced to.

By Andrés Ortega

7. Erdogan’s Balancing Act Between Russia and Ukraine

Turkey’s strongman leader has expressed support for the besieged country. He has also joined Putin’s assault on the Western media.

By Aykan Erdemir

8. The World and Russia After Putin

Even if Russia were to still “win” the war, it will lose the peace. Regime change in Russia is not on the official agenda of the Western Alliance, but it seems a likely result.

By Stephan Richter and Uwe Bott

9. Russia-Ukraine: A Last Chance for Peace
Ukraine could offer to suspend its NATO candidacy for some time, but only in return for Russia’s withdrawal from Donbas.

By Colin Cleary

10. The Evasive Mr. Scholz

On Ukraine and Russia, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not acting thoughtfully and with a cool head. Rather, he is damaging Germany’s reputation – and his own party.

By Thomas Hanke


The Globalist’s top ten features exploring the causes and effects of the Ukraine conflict.