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Understanding Gorbachev‘s True Challenge

My 2001 interview with Mikhail Gorbachev.

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Urbi et Gorbi (2001)

Why does former Soviet leader Mikhael Gorbachev not get credit for ending the Cold War?

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Germany: Solidarity with Europe or With Russia?

Germany’s Nazi-era history demands that Olaf Scholz and his government support the widening call to end tourism visas for Russians to vacation in EU countries.

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Is Russia Fascist?

No previous fascism made it past its youth. This one is a late-stage fascism. It necessarily takes some styles and structures from late-stage Soviet Communism.

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Empress Angela and Her Two Big Sins

Reflections on the former German Chancellor’s sense of her own record and responsibilities in dealing with Putin, Russia and Ukraine.

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China’s Curious Choice to Stand with Russia

In contrast to Putin, President Xi at least seems focused on the long game for his country. But why is Xi then supporting Putin’s win-today, lose-thereafter venture?

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Why Brexit Has Been Good for Ukraine

Russia’s war against Ukraine provided Boris Johnson with a unique opportunity to highlight Britain’s international leadership credentials.

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The Legal Consequences of Russia’s War of Aggression

Recent history reveals the need for the adherence of all nations to a new international security framework.

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Zelensky’s Next Headache: Money

Ukraine needs billions to run Its government. As its economy dives, its budget spending soars. The global community needs to step up.

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The Evasive Mr. Scholz


On Ukraine and Russia, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not acting thoughtfully and with a cool head. Rather, he is damaging Germany’s reputation – and his own party.

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