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U.S. Spying and Europe’s Disillusioned Pro-American Elites

Why are some of Europe’s pro-American elites now wondering whether they got it wrong?

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China as Greece’s Savior

How the upcoming privatization round in the Eurozone crisis helps China expand its foothold in Europe.

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China as Netanyahu’s New Friend

China’s economic and strategic footprint in Israel is growing.

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China and America: We Are Not Enemies

The two countries will have to cooperate to keep a peaceful world together.

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Preventing Juncker: Cameron’s Self-Defeatist Move

Why is Britain’s prime minister opposing the European Commission head who is most favorable to the UK’s positions and interests?

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China’s Interest in Central and Eastern Europe

The Middle Kingdom sets its eyes on Europe’s eastern half, to get a beachhead into Western Europe.

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Japan: A Venetian Destiny?

Japan and Venice share a similar history, but Japan should change course before that history repeats itself.

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Brazil and the United States: So Different, Yet So Similar

Brazil, the new host of the World Cup, shares a great deal of values with the United States.

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Ukraine’s Balcerowicz Moment

Ukraine’s present duress could help push forward necessary reforms.

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Syria and Egypt: Two Counterrevolutions in Action

Western leaders still grossly distort what’s going on in Egypt. It’s really no better than what happens in Syria.

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