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The Creeping Pakistanization of Turkey?

The dangerous effects of Erdogan’s ill-fated strategy toward ISIS.

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The Continental Unease of Britain and Japan

Why some Japanese are particularly sympathetic toward the pro-Brexit camp.

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Why the West Misunderstands Russia’s Challenge

Looking past the bluster and hyperbole of Russia’s political leaders and business elites.

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The Trajectory of India-U.S. Relations

What will Modi accomplish during his upcoming visit to the United States?

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Duterte: The Making of a Philippines President

What can be expected of a prizefighter-turned-death-squad-mayor in the country’s top job?

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China’s State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks Must Stop

Washington’s politicians must take cybersecurity as seriously as experts and U.S. business do.

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China’s Nuclear Opportunities in Iran

How the nuclear program controversy and deal opened West Asia to Beijing.

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The United States of Emotions

Why U.S. foreign policy has such a mixed record, in the Middle East and beyond.

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Iran: An Important Player for South Asia

Building a relationship with Iran is valuable for India. Will Pakistan try too?

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China and Taiwan — Apocalypse Now?

Will the arrival of a new President in Taiwan bring even more “interesting times” in relations with mainland China?

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