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President Hollande’s Musings on India

In contrast to France, disruption rather than continuity is the order of the day in India today.

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That Eerie Feeling About Saudi Arabia

Is the Saudi monarchy echoing the final stages of the Shah’s monarchy in Iran?

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China and Singapore are Distant Relatives at Best

Singapore’s mixed reactions towards China are historically consistent, even if they disappoint some there.

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Moving Into a Chinese-Indian World

A dual hegemony now looks unavoidable, but must we really fear it?

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Modi and India’s “Act East” Policy

Can India “Make It” in Southeast Asia?

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How China and India May Come to Blows

Why could there be war between these two most populous countries in the world?

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Jokowi and the Hopes for a More Dynamic Indonesia

Indonesia’s Troubled Trade Relationship with the United States.

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Indonesia: Why the US Needs to Pay Closer Attention

The United States needs to treat the unassuming Indonesian President Widodo with the attention due to his country.

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Myanmar and the India/China Shuffle

What are the options for India’s policy toward Myanmar?

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United States: How Turkey Fell Out of Favor

Turkey is no longer seen as a staunch ally in NATO but as a wayward country that wears religion and ideology on its sleeve.

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