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Women in the Workforce: A Global Perspective

Seven decades since the end of World War II, do U.S. women still lead in workforce participation rates?

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Where the Manufacturing Jobs Are

What percentage of U.S. jobs does the manufacturing sector account for?

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India’s Potty Problem

The lack of safe and sanitary toilets remains a daily reality in many parts of the developing world.

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A New World Emerges

Who’s up, who’s down: How much do you know about the global economy?

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Madam Ministers

Which major government currently has the highest percentage of women in its cabinet?

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Smaller Nations in a Big World

Of the 193 countries in the United Nations, how many are smaller than Scotland?

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Erdogan’s Turkey

Where does Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey rank in terms of global competitiveness?

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America’s 50-Year War on Poverty

Which of the United States’ major racial groups has the highest poverty rate?

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African Americans: The State We’re In

Time for action: Black America’s sad balance sheet 50 years after major civil rights reform.

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Global Travel Champion

Which nation spends the most on international tourism?

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