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Seeking Sanctuary

Which industrialized country received the most asylum seekers in 2014?

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The World’s Biggest Arms Importer

Which country imported the most arms in recent years — Saudi Arabia, China, UAE or India?

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Racial Disparity in the United States

Why are black Americans protesting across the nation?

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Global Migration in Perspective

Back in 1900, immigrants made up 3% of the global population. What is the percentage today?

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The Rise — and Fall? — of Google

Google’s dominance of the internet could bring them under threat of antitrust action.

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Yemen: Youth Bulges and Geopolitics

A youth-heavy population in Yemen could spell increased insecurity in the future.

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Taking Stock of the World’s Billionaires

Stunning facts about the world’s wealthiest people.

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When Do Planes Crash?

During which phase of flight do most fatal commercial aviation accidents occur?

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Women in the Workforce: A Global Perspective

Seven decades since the end of World War II, do U.S. women still lead in workforce participation rates?

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Where the Manufacturing Jobs Are

What percentage of U.S. jobs does the manufacturing sector account for?

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