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India’s Potty Problem

World Toilet Day is no laughing matter in many parts of the developing world.

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A New World Emerges

How much do you know about the global economy?

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Madam Ministers

The state of female cabinet members around the world.

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Smaller Nations in a Big World

How will an independent Scotland compare to other small nations?

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Erdogan’s Turkey

Where does Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey rank in terms of global competitiveness?

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America’s 50-Year War on Poverty: Who Has It Helped?

Which of the United States’ major racial groups has the highest poverty rate?

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African Americans: The State We’re In

What is the state of black America fifty years after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

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Global Travel Champion

Which nation spent the most on international tourism in 2013?

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Sizing Up Nigeria’s Power Needs

Which of the following common appliances uses about as much electricity in a year as the average Nigerian?

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Africa’s Electricity Poverty

How many people in Africa live without any access to electricity?

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