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Refugees: The Four Forces Driving Angela Merkel

Seizing America’s “future preference” and having grown up behind the “Iron Curtain” help explain Merkel’s approach to the refugee crisis.

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U.S. Republicans and Erdogan: The Dangerous Lure of Take-No-Prisoners Politics

John Boehner’s resignation foreshadows the United States’ turn towards completely dysfunctional politics at home, à la Turkey.

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Beyond Cuba: Washington’s Strategic Neglect of Latin America

Can the United States afford to integrate itself with Asia at the cost of Latin America?

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Volkswagen: When a German Company Plays With Fire

“Exciting” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when thinking of German business. But neither is “fraud.”

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Francis and Jinping: Like Two Ships Crossing At Night

The Pope and CCP leader would have benefitted from comparing notes while in the US. Alas, that did not happen.

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Why Joe Biden Should Run With Elizabeth Warren

From day one of his campaign, Vice President Biden needs a running mate.

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Did Pope Francis Get to His Post Too Late?

How the Catholic Church wasted important time on the urgent road to reinvention.

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Trump and the Fear of Hillary: A Political Psychogram of the 2016 Race

Men fear failing their families as providers. Trump casts himself subliminally as a super-provider.

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Yemen and the Alliance of the Deaf

From Iraq to Syria and Yemen, U.S. and Saudi policymakers seem to have learned very little.

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Joe Biden: Just Bidin’ His Time

Biden-Warren 2016? Joe Biden is one Clinton scandal away from becoming the Democrats’ presidential candidate.

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