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UK’s Cameron: Caught in the Syriza/Tsipras Trap

Why Britain won’t get a “new deal” from Brussels and Europe.

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Germany: David Cameron’s Chance for Redemption

After two world wars and a lost century, Britain and Germany must recognize at long last they have a common future.

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Obama’s Haunting Legacy

A two-term presidency spent on running away from Black America.

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Vietnam: On the Futility of US Invasions

Why on earth did the US invade Vietnam half a century ago? Have the lessons finally been learned?

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Greece: Caught Between Nero and Catharsis

The Syriza government has done wonders to unify the rest of the Eurozone.

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France’s Message to Germany: Back to the 19th Century?

France takes exception to the words of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

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Eurozone: The Battle Over What Solidarity Means

Are two divergent economic cultures clashing inside the Eurozone?

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GE and Siemens: What Goes Around Comes Around

A curious role reversal between the U.S.’s and Germany’s largest industrial titans.

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Candidate Clinton: The Foreign Policy Dimension

Hillary Clinton should shift course on her foreign policy as she launches her second presidential campaign.

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Hillary Clinton’s Arduous Road to the White House in 2016

The Democratic Party’s likely 2016 presidential nominee faces many challenges.

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