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No NSA Reform, No CIA Reform

Reflections on U.S. politics as an eternal talk show.

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France’s Sudden Chinese Impulses

Why is the French finance minister invoking other cultures’ diplomatic style to defend France?

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Uber’s Constant Overreach

India is not alone in battling the U.S. app phenom.

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Regionalism, Asia Style

Unlike in Europe, Asian regionalism has been market-led.

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Ferguson/US: Police Systematically Out of Control

The far too liberal use of deadly force by police in a conservative country.

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America’s Mezzogiorno: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Why are U.S. southern states so determined not to serve the very real needs of their poor populations?

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Visiting India? Battling a Kafkaesque Bureaucracy

Reflections on the amazing difficulties of obtaining a visa to India.

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Angela Merkel and German Leadership in Foreign Policy

Evidence of German foreign policy leadership – on the UK, Russia and beyond.

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Global Truths on Putin’s Tirades

Russia’s president constantly undermines his own case on the global stage.

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Rousseff’s Global Challenge: Do Better Than India

With Modi, India got a new life politically. What about Brazil?

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