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U.S. Spying and Europe’s Disillusioned Pro-American Elites

Why are some of Europe’s pro-American elites now wondering whether they got it wrong?

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A Germany That Bets Big

Five unconventional moves that made Germany the 2014 World Cup champions.

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Iraq’s Predictable Fate

Will the purveyors of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq ever pay a penance for their sins of warmongering?

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Freeing Poland From the Shackles of Its Debt Mountain

The story of how the transatlantic partners collaborated to help Poland secure a stable future.

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The NRA: Still America’s Cosa Nostra

The UCSB shooting is yet another monument to the cowering silence the NRA has forced the U.S. public into.

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Modi: He’s the One! Or Is He?

Obama’s case in the U.S. suggests caution – not hype – is needed on India’s one-man show

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U.S. Declinism or Constructivism?

Why are U.S. media and elites so quick to quiet criticism of how the United States conducts itself?

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Elizabeth Warren: When Political Labels Completely Mislead

The pursuit of consumer rights a ‘leftist’ agenda? Only in America!

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Africa: We Feel Your Pain (Sometimes)

Power outages in the capital city of the United States are a surprisingly regular feature.

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The Creeping Saudi Arabization of America

The U.S. Supreme Court chips away at the separation between church and state.

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