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Zwei Hirten. Zwei Kulturrevolutionen?

Chinas KP unter Xi Jinping und der Vatikan unter Franziskus stehen vor weitgehend gleichen Governance-Problemen — von Finanz- und Sexskandalen bis hin zum sinkender Gefolgsbereitschaft.

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Venezuela Today Vs. the Polish Liberation Episode

Pope Francis and John Paul II are both transformative figures.

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Two Shepherds, Two Cultural Revolutions?

Comparing the agendas and performance of Pope Francis and China’s Xi Jinping.

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The Meaning of Ukraine’s Big Weekend

Poland’s Sikorski unstoppable for top Brussels post; U.S.’s Nuland now in a chorus with Putin.

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France and the United States: A Reality Check

The recent presidential love fest notwithstanding, France and the US are united in the wrong priorities.

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Yes We Can: The NSA and Obama

Why is President Obama so permissive with regard to excesses of the U.S. intelligence apparatus?

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As Goes Best Buy, So Goes U.S.?

What does the shaky fate of the U.S. consumer electronics chain portend for the economic future of the United States?

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U.S.-Iran: Two Countries in the Iron Grip of Conservatives

Counting the ways in which Iran and the United States are alike.

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The Old King is Dead. Long Live the King!

It’s time to realize that focusing on the horse race aspect of American presidential politics is precluding actual governance.

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Angela Merkel’s True Colors

Is Angela Merkel aiming to be the most successful Social Democratic Chancellor in German history?

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