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Before Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress on Iraq

Why the U.S. would be wise to disregard Netanyahu’s counsel on Iran, for everyone’s sake.

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How to Succeed in Nuclear Talks With Iran

A nuclear deal with Iran would give the United States four major strategic advantages.

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Oil as a WMO: The West’s Weapon of Mass Obedience?

Will lower oil prices drive Saudi Arabia and Russia to pursue sensible reforms at home at long last?

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The Shifting Landscape for Iran’s Women

Surprising Insights from a key country in the Middle East

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The New (Dis)Order of the Middle East

To understand the Middle East today and its future, the Europe of the 19th century provides intriguing parallels.

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Iraq’s Predictable Fate

Will the purveyors of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq ever pay a penance for their sins of warmongering?

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Ten Facts: Iran and the Internet

Can the reform government in Iran finally bring the country’s internet up to speed?

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Iran and the Rule of Law

To take its place on the global stage, Iran must learn the lessons of a 1992 terrorist trial in Germany

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U.S.-Iran: Two Countries in the Iron Grip of Conservatives

Counting the ways in which Iran and the United States are alike.

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Made in the USA: Iran’s Grievances

From Tehran’s perspective, why is it so hard to have better relations with the US?

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