Alon Ben-Meir

Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute [United States]

Erdogan: Sultan of an Illusionary Ottoman Empire

Turkey has no chance to become as powerful and influential as the Ottoman Empire was during its heyday. And it’s all Erdogan’s fault.

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Trump And Netanyahu: Embracing Illusions, Ignoring Reality

Netanyahu is under multiple criminal investigations and Trump is being attacked from every corner. Both have found comfort with one another.

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Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Strings Attached

How Trump would need to manage the fallout of such a decision, to achieve a breakthrough instead of disaster.

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Turkey and the Kurds: Violence Is Not the Answer

Erdogan never understood the Kurds’ mindset. He needs to revisit history to see the hardships they have experienced.

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Turkey’s Elected Dictator

It is high time for the United States and EU to condemn the unruly way in which Erdogan exercised his power.

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Arab World: No Shortcuts to Deradicalization

The root cause of radicalization is embedded in a nation’s internal socio-economic and political disorder.

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How Turkey Became a De Facto Dictatorship

President Erdogan’s lust for power has now taken down even his competent prime minister.

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Saudi Arabia Abroad: A Kingdom In Retreat

Despite military adventurism beyond Saudi borders, the comfortable status quo is fading.

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Quicksand Kingdom: A Shaky Saudi Home Front

Domestic prospects look bleak for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The Truth About Israel’s National Security

There can be no safety without a peace deal.

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