Chas W. Freeman

Chas Freeman was the main interpreter for U.S. President Richard Nixon in his 1972 visit to China and was the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1989 to 1992. He is currently Senior Fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

Reimagining China and Asia

How are Asian countries responding to the steady erosion of U.S. power in the region? And how is China playing its hand?

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China’s Strategic Caution

China has established a seven-decade-long record of strategic caution and a preference for diplomatic and paramilitary rather than military solutions to national security problems.

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Avoiding War with China

In recent years, many American leaders have grown cavalier about nuclear war, especially with Russia, but there is also risk of a devastating conflict with China.

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The Coming U.S.-China Clash

Is official Washington bound for a major clash with China?

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The Chinese Colossus, Really?

Can China displace the United States as a military colossus in command of global affairs? Does it want to do so?

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How China Transformed Itself

How did Communist China manage to become so fiercely competitive?

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American Diplomacy and the Rule of Law

A call to freedom’s real arms.

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Can the United States Balance National Security and Economic Reality?

Is the United States living beyond its means when it comes to national security?

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China and America: Not the G2, But the Big Two

How do the United States and China both stand to gain by pursuing cooperative policies?

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China’s Real Three Challenges to the United States

What are the global dimensions of the challenges China poses to the United States?

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