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Best of The Globalist: 2007

What were the ten most intriguing features to appear on The Globalist in 2007?

January 1, 2008

What were the ten most intriguing features to appear on The Globalist in 2007?
1. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Solar System
What do Ptolemy and Copernicus tell us about America’s changing global role?

By Bruce J. Jentleson
2. Subprime People?
When a crisis hits, is there a tendency in the United States to just blame the people?

By Stephan Richter
3. Putin and the Dawn of the New Authoritarians
How are autocrats from Russia to Pakistan using the media to perpetuate their hold on power?

By Jonathan A. Becker
4. The Real Frontlines of Global Education
What teaching trials, tribulations and triumphs does our Burkina Faso-based Peace Corps correspondent experience?

By Nathalie Boittin
5. China’s Lessons for India
What role has China’s education system played in the country’s recent economic success?

By Cheng Wu
6. The Khartoum Diaries: A Sacrificial Lamb
How is a dinner party in Khartoum different from a similar occasion in the United States?

By Molly Mayfield
7. The United States and the Rise of Anti-Chinaism
What are the real reasons behind the increasingly broad-based movement in the United States of blaming China?

By Stephan Richter
8. Dining with Putin
What is it like to have Putin as a dinner host at his presidential villa?

By Anatol Lieven
9. Dateline Detroit: Welcome to Subprime City (Part I)
After the collapse of the U.S. auto industry, how is Detroit being hit hard once again?

By Markus Ziener
10. Reflecting on Ramadan
What unique insights emerge when a non-Muslim observes Ramadan?

By Holli Chmela