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Can the United States Remain United? A Globalist Special Collection

Why must the United States become a more unified, cohesive society in order to confront its deep-seated issues?

June 24, 2011

Why must the United States become a more unified, cohesive society in order to confront its deep-seated issues?
1. The “Untied” States of AmericaWhy are the United States’ social and economic frustrations becoming most painfully apparent at the state level?
2. America’s New “BSE” Syndrome (Blame Somebody Else)Why is the prognosis for politics and policymaking increasingly bleak in Washington?
3. Divided Government RevisitedDid the era of divided U.S. government really only begin when the Republicans took over the House?
4. The American Dream Is Alive and Well…In ChinaCould it be that the Chinese now believe more in the American Dream than do Americans themselves?
5. Social Media and the Revival of American DemocracyHow could Facebook, YouTube and Twitter help to limit the role of money in U.S. politics?
6. The U.S. and China: Global Economic TwinsHow do the United States and China both struggle with economic fairness and political accountability?
7. After Tucson: The Leadership/Followership ParadoxFor all the American focus on leadership, could it be that what’s amiss is a shortage of followership?
8. Obama: Not Shellacked, But “Lasched”Is two years enough time for politicians to stay in office and get concrete results?
9. Larry Summers: Economic Idolatrist, or False Prophet?Why has the former U.S. Treasury Secretary gone from hyping the United States to breathlessly promoting India?
10. Where Fox News Gets It RightWhy should the mainstream media take a page from Fox News and offer clearer connections between issues?
11. The Weimar Republic and the Ominous Rise of Jon StewartWhy is Jon Stewart’s rise bad news — not just for the United States, but also the world as a whole?
12. “Defeating the Taliban”: Naïveté and the American EmpireWhile modern “Rome” is burning, why do U.S. foreign policy elites keep meddling in overseas adventures?
13. U.S. Health Insurers: Scamming a Hurried PeopleWhy are U.S. health insurance companies as difficult to deal with as bureaucracies in Soviet-era Russia?
14. Dateline America: What’s So Horrible About Being Anti-Colonialist?Is President Obama really an anti-colonialist, as Dinesh D’Souza argues? And so what if he is?
15. Fiscal Keynesianism for the Upper ClassesWhy do elites like Peter Orszag and Bob Samuelson advocate fiscal favors being showered on wealthy Americans in an era of record deficits?
16. The American Bankers Association as a Debt-Pushing BrigadeIs it really wise to open the credit spigot to those who can’t afford it?
17. Goldman Sachs and the Vatican: Two Cultures of InfallibilityWhat does the world’s most successful financial firm need to learn from the travails of the Catholic Church?
18. America’s Regulation/Supervision ParadoxWhen it comes to financial markets, why is supervision as crucial as regulation — if not more so?
19. The U.S. Healthcare Debate: Still Catching Up to BismarckWill U.S. leaders finally strike the same bargain that Germany’s arch-conservative leader pulled off back in 1883?
20. America’s “Lost Decade” Is Already Behind ItCould it be that America’s “lost decade” is already behind it?