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7 Facts: Sizing Up Ukraine

Ukraine is a big deal in Europe — literally.

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Tibet and 21st Century Water Wars

How will the Tibetan Plateau determine the course of Asia’s future?

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The Inexorable End of the Africa Story

Is all the excitement about the future of Africa’s economy really justified? Or is the continent’s success mostly just a commodities story?

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Another American Dream

How do North America's aboriginal communities approach the global challenges of the 21st century?

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Can the United States Remain United? A Globalist Special Collection

Why must the United States become a more unified, cohesive society in order to confront its deep-seated issues?

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Europe and the Arab World in the 21st Century

Does more unite the Arab world and Europe than divides them?

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Egypt and the Global Oil Market: Geopolitics Is Back

Markets are extraordinarily bad at getting political risk right — and the Egypt crisis is no exception.

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Africa’s N — Networks

What effect are weak networks having on Africa’s development?

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Africa’s C — Costs

What role do high prices play in Africa’s economy?

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Is Turkey “Enlightened” Enough to Join the EU?

Should Turkey be allowed to join the European Union?

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