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Donald Trump – The Globalist’s Top 15 Features

The Globalist presents its top features on Donald Trump’s journey to the White House.

September 26, 2016

The Globalist presents its top features on Donald Trump's journey to the White House.
  1. Trump and the Fear of Hillary: A Political Psychogram of the 2016 Race

    By Stephan Richter | Men fear failing their families as providers. Trump casts himself subliminally as a super-provider.

  2. Trump’s Mega-Fear: Beaten By a Woman

    By Stephan Richter | What could possibly explain the increasing bizarreness of the Trump campaign? It must have to do with the other candidate in the race.

  3. Trump & America, You Can’t Have It Back Again!

    By Richard Phillips | Grandpa was dead; the kids were being poisoned; mom was enslaved and Armageddon was just around the corner!

  4. The Republican Party Richly Deserves Donald Trump

    By Stephan Richter | Rather than an outlier, Trump is the perfect front man for the “values” Republicans have been pursuing for well over a decade.

  5. Trump and the Return of American Economic Nationalism

    By Marc-William Palen | How the nineteenth-century battle between free trade and protectionism shaped the global economic order.

  6. “Better Trump than Hillary”: Really?

    By Dan Morrow | Supporters of Trump today make the same devastating mistake as the French right in the 1930s.

  7. Donald Trump is a Latin American Demagogue at Heart

    By Stephen D. Wrage | Trump is a living amalgam of Chavez, Juan Peron and Rafael Trujillo.

  8. Trump the Terrorist

    By Alton Frye | Will the candidate’s encouragement of violence prompt U.S. courts to rethink incitement laws?

  9. Donald Trump Outs Himself as “Bimbo”

    By Stephan Richter | This usage, from almost exactly 100 years ago, rather perfectly describes “The Donald.”

  10. Forget Trump: Austin Powers for President!

    By Alexei Bayer | A presidential impostor tries to sway the masses with buffoonery and deceit.

  11. Trump’s Chance at Making History

    By Alexei Bayer | If Americans don’t take their democracy seriously, they are going to become a global laughingstock.

  12. President Trump: The Magic of American Politics

    By Richard Phillips | Can this crude, narcissistic demagogue actually become President of the United States?

  13. Donald Trump: The Narendra Modi of America?

    By Meghnad Desai | Two outsiders in India and the United States, each determined to tackle their country’s exhausted political establishment.

  14. Trump Supporters Have Good Reason to Be Mad

    By Peter Morici | To men who have seen their economic opportunities fade, Trump sounds like he is making a good deal of sense.

  15. Trump: Turn All of America Into Another Atlantic City

    By Stephan Richter | Donald Trump made many false promises to the people of Atlantic City. Americans can’t say they weren’t properly forewarned.