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Global Focus: Religion

Religion and culture are deeply entwined. Wherever there are people, there is some form of religious faith.

December 26, 2019

There are few things as universal around the world as the existence of some form of religious faith.

We present our top 10 features on the topic, analyzed from multiple perspectives, by a variety of our contributors.

1. Religion as a Globalizing Force
In what ways was religion the first force that helped to globalize the world?

By Max Stackhouse | April 7, 2010

2. A Protestant View of Globalization
What prevents many Christians from developing a theological perspective on today’s globalized world?

By Max Stackhouse | April 2, 2010

3. The Dangers of Monotheism in the Age of Globalization
Can India’s polytheism provide a moral and spiritual example to the world that the West and Islam cannot?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann | March 30, 2006

4. The Reformations of Islam
What changes will determine the course of Islam in the 21st century?

By Ali Allawi | April 9, 2010

5. Middle East Peace: God Has Already Spoken
Why has the religious dimension of the Israel-Palestine conflict received scant attention?

By Alon Ben-Meir | September 2, 2010

6. The Catholic Origins of Globalization
Why do some economists persist in stereotyping Europe’s Catholic nations as laggards, when they practically invented what we today call globalization?

By Luis Francisco Martínez Montes | June 1, 2012

7. The Jihad of America’s Founding Fathers
Why is the tension between the United States and the Muslim world far from a recent development?

By Robert J. Allison | March 14, 2011

8. Darwin Versus Jesus
How would U.S. society benefit from more true Christianity and less Darwinian thinking?

By Akbar Ahmed | December 4, 2010

9. Religion and Economic Success in Europe
Why does the idea persist that Europe’s Catholic nations have always been economic slow-growers?

By Luis Francisco Martínez Montes | June 2, 2012

10. Party Vs. Faith: China Drafts Restrictions for All Religions
UN and U.S. criticism put pressure on the Islamic world to speak out against China’s actions to rein in Islam at home.

By James M. Dorsey | September 12, 2018


The Globalist's top 10 features on the state of global religion.