Great Headlines From 2008

What witty and informative headlines appeared in newspapers and magazines in 2008?

December 25, 2008

What witty and informative headlines appeared in newspapers and magazines in 2008?

October 6 top headline on the website of China Daily:

November 12 New York Times article headline on declining U.S. consumer spending:

November 17 article headline in the Wall Street Journal on the economic crisis:

September 24 New York Post headline after news of corruption on Wall Street surfaced:

July 10 Washington Post headline, on U.S. President Bush’s agreement to a declaration on climate change with the Group of Eight:

April 19 headline in The Economist on General Electric's losses under CEO Jeffrey Immelt:

April 2 headlines in the Times of India on Tata’s purchase of Jaguar:

July 12 Washington Post headline regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s avoidance of the global warming issue:

August 2 article headline in the New York Times, on Western nations’ attempts at imperializing the Middle East:

April 13 Washington Post headline:

March 4 headline in the Financial Times, on Russian President Dmitri Medvedev:

August 2 headline in The Economist, on Gordon Brown’s political future:

January 16 Wall Street Journal headline:

November 6 front page headline in The Jakarta Post after Barack Obama was elected U.S. President:

December 11 Wall Street Journal opinion headline:


The 1989 Tiananmen uprising occurred when growth decreased from upwards of 11% to just over 4% within the span of four quarters.

The recent news from the IMF estimating China's GDP growth will fall to 5% in 2009 from 9.7% in 2008 is a hair-raising event for China's leaders.

This economic downturn harkens back to questions about the legitimacy of the overall control of China's Communist Party.

The virulence of the protests points to a toxic brew at work — including the dispiritedness of a generation facing dim prospects, a large dose of anti- authoritarianism and a neo-revolutionary zeal calling for a new economic order.