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Great Headlines From 2008

What witty and informative headlines appeared in newspapers and magazines in 2008?

December 25, 2008

October 6 top headline on the website of China Daily:

November 12 New York Times article headline on declining U.S. consumer spending:

November 17 article headline in the Wall Street Journal on the economic crisis:

September 24 New York Post headline after news of corruption on Wall Street surfaced:

July 10 Washington Post headline, on U.S. President Bush’s agreement to a declaration on climate change with the Group of Eight:

April 19 headline in The Economist on General Electric's losses under CEO Jeffrey Immelt:

April 2 headlines in the Times of India on Tata’s purchase of Jaguar:

July 12 Washington Post headline regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s avoidance of the global warming issue:

August 2 article headline in the New York Times, on Western nations’ attempts at imperializing the Middle East:

April 13 Washington Post headline:

March 4 headline in the Financial Times, on Russian President Dmitri Medvedev:

August 2 headline in The Economist, on Gordon Brown’s political future:

January 16 Wall Street Journal headline:

November 6 front page headline in The Jakarta Post after Barack Obama was elected U.S. President:

December 11 Wall Street Journal opinion headline:


The 1989 Tiananmen uprising occurred when growth decreased from upwards of 11% to just over 4% within the span of four quarters.

The recent news from the IMF estimating China's GDP growth will fall to 5% in 2009 from 9.7% in 2008 is a hair-raising event for China's leaders.

This economic downturn harkens back to questions about the legitimacy of the overall control of China's Communist Party.

The virulence of the protests points to a toxic brew at work — including the dispiritedness of a generation facing dim prospects, a large dose of anti- authoritarianism and a neo-revolutionary zeal calling for a new economic order.