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Dams With Big Reservoirs

Brazil’s hydroelectric plans threaten its Paris climate commitments.

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Can China Slow and Reverse its Carbon Output?

The world’s largest source of CO2 emissions finds slow going in cleaning up energy.

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India: Emerging Emissions

India formally joined the Paris agreement on climate change on October 2, 2016.

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Bangladesh: Still Not On the Global Radar

Where does Bangladesh stand with regard to its fertility rate, population and media freedom?

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Courting the U.S. Environment

Why judges play such an outsized role on combatting climate change.

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El Niño Across the Pacific Ocean

Where has the Pacific-based weather phenomenon hit hardest in 2015?

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The Obama-Republican Standoff on Climate Change

Americans, standing apart from the world, remain bitterly divided on taking action.

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Factoring in Deforestation Emissions

What percentage of global CO2 emissions from human activity stems from deforestation and land conversion?

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Deforestation: Set The World On Fire

How deforestation is warming the planet and what polices might rein it in.

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Paris Climate Talks Need to Focus on Innovation

Only when the unsubsidized cost of clean energy is cheaper than fossil fuels will nations switch en masse.

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