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A Misguided Love Affair With the United States

Gordon Brown, presumably a dour Scot, spent all his vacations in the United States and was in love with Clintonism.

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Britain’s Tabloid Cancer

How have the British paid a steep price for their appetite for gossip and the unnecessary details of grizzly crimes?

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Gordon Brown on Renewing Western Economies

According to the former UK prime minister, what needs to be done to revive the Western economies?

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Gordon Brown Vs. Larry Summers: Battle of Global Economic Titans

Is Gordon Brown a credible candidate to lead the IMF in the future?

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Britain: A Normal Country, At Long Last (Like Germany)

How has the UK’s coalition government succeeded in reinventing British politics and society?

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The Coming British Collapse

As Britons prepare to head to the polls, how could a hung parliament provoke an instant financial crisis?

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Nick Clegg: Springtime for Britain?

Do Americans really have to worry about an outbreak of anti-Americanism in the UK?

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A Special Relationship No More?

Will the May 6 British elections lead to fissures in the U.S.-Britain relationship?

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Lady Ashton Takes Europe

Will the existence of a High Representative enable the creation of an EU-wide, cohesive foreign policy?

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Tony Blair: A Dorian Gray for Europe?

Is Europe better off with a president whose personality reflects Europe's admittedly more staid nature?

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