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Guns Kill People, Unevenly

Gun violence falls along stark racial lines in the United States.

August 29, 2013

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1. There are dramatic statistical racial and geographical differences in gun deaths from homicides in the United States.

2. From 2008 to 2010 per one million people, 151 blacks were killed by guns. This compares to only 15 whites.

3. Per one million people, the U.S. homicide by gun rate in urban areas was 59, in suburban areas 29 and in rural areas, it was 27.

4. Gun deaths in urban areas are more likely to be homicides. Gun deaths in rural areas are more likely to be suicides.

5. Whites are far more likely to shoot themselves and African Americans are far more likely to be shot by someone else.

6. U.S. states with the most guns per capita have the highest suicide rates.

7. U.S. states with low gun ownership rates have far fewer suicides per capita.

From “A striking racial divide in deaths by firearms” by Dan Keating (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington Post)



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From 2008-2010, per 1 million US people, 151 blacks were killed by guns vs only 15 whites.