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America Must Not Live and Die by the Gun

America is at war with itself. We must demand effective gun control measures from our leaders to end the slaughter.

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After Parkland: Murder By Congress

Reflections on the latest high school shooting in the United States and what it says about the state of American “civilization.”

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US Gun Ownership Vs. The World

The share of global guns in the United States is at least ten times the country’s population share.

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The American Un-Society

The Las Vegas massacre has exposed that the idea of the existence of an American “society” is increasingly becoming pure fiction.

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Free Trade and Moral Hypocrisy

U.S. elites claiming moral superiority by demanding that other people do the sacrificing on trade issues is unprincipled hypocrisy.

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Orlando and the War on Terror

A narrative that treats the U.S. as the unsuspecting victim of attacks by supporters of ISIS is misleading.

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US Gun Control Policies

The US stands out for lack of policy response after mass shootings.

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Gun Control: US Gun Deaths

The US gun death rate is the highest in the G7.

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US: World Leader on Mass Shootings

The US has more mass shootings than any other nation.

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Gun Ownership: The US as World’s No. 1

The US gun ownership rate is the highest in the world.

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