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Donald Trump and the Guns of August 2019

The U.S. President stokes resentment and hate speech wherever and however he can.

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Reagan´s Executor: Trump and the ‘Complacent State’

There is something positively Lenin-esque in the Republicans´endeavor to slay the “monster” of the U.S. federal government. No wonder Putin loves Trump so much.

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Trump: A Racist President

Donald Trump’s embrace of white supremacy is poisoning America’s soul.

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Apartheid’s Worst Nightmare: A Flawed and Very Human Hero

Winnie Mandela’s contradictory personas are a reflection of the history of South Africa and of the society that it is today.

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The Space Trump Fills in America’s Racial Politics

Trump has hit upon a unique vulnerability in mainstream U.S. politics on race and cannot be dislodged.

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Political Inversions: Clinton in ’08 and Obama in ’16?

A reflection on the strategic consequences of accidental American political inversions.

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Global Upheaval: The Sad New Normal

Instead of strengthening and stabilizing institutions, we are allowing them to fall.

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When Conservatives Make Racism Respectable

Are Donald Trump and Britain’s Tories cut from the same political cloth?

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After Cincinnati: The Enemy is Within

Police in the US: Just who holds whom in low regard?

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America’s Dark Shadows: The Charleston Massacre

White supremacist Dylann Roof extends a national tradition of ritual slaying.

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