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Rethinking America

Rethinking America — and thereby the world

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We cannot re-imagine one without the other — and yet we must

Each “Rethinking America” column takes on one “big” American idea — and then explores to what extent it is reality or, at this stage, wishful thinking, if not propaganda.

Political America, long the world’s beacon, has become fat and lazy. It contents itself with having mere “conversations” about issues. It thus fails to resolve any of the many pressing issues on the nation’s agenda.

That’s not healthy for the United States. It’s also not healthy for the rest of the world. The United States remains a potent symbol of hope and inspiration. That is true even in countries that see themselves as detractors of America.

For all the talk around the globe of a “post-American” world, thinking about the world’s future too often still revolves around the United States. That creates a dangerous dependency among other countries.

Thus, the first goal of this column is to reflect on pillars of American thinking — rigorously, but always from the perspective of constructive criticism. The main purpose here is to show a pathway to how the country can live up to its (global) potential.

The second goal of our Rethinking America op-ed series is to liberate the rest of the world from being too U.S.-centered in the ways it imagines its own future.

From week to week, the Rethinking America column sheds a critical eye on critical questions such as:

• Has there been an American Revolution?
• Why do U.S. consumers have so few rights?
• Is the energy revolution a game changer?
• Is Silicon Valley really unique?
• Must seeking security trump privacy?
• Is Washington designed not to work?
• How real is American democracy?


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