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Rethinking Europe

Is there a road ahead for the old continent?

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The notion of “Europe” as an entity has been hotly contested over the centuries.

More recently, the debate has centered upon the expanding European Union, its neighbors and its future.

The Globalist’s Rethinking Europe column focuses on the political, economic and security challenges of Europe as a whole, as we move toward the quarter-century mark of the 21st century.

This series encourages us to rethink these debates from new angles to get ahead of the curve on emerging crises, struggles and forces.

The unusual perspectives of the Rethinking Europe series include comparisons of present-day European challenges or opportunities to past and present challenges or opportunities in India, China, Latin America and the United States — breaking us out of the narrow frameworks that typically constrict these debates.

The writers of the Rethinking Europe column were born in Germany, Japan, Russia, India, Ireland, France and Australia.


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