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Just the Facts

Getting you the gist of the key issues on the global agenda

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Exclusive publishing rights available in many national/regional media markets.

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At least weekly, a minimum of 52 editions per year

Approximately 200-400 words

Print and online editions

Helping you cut through all the clutter

The Globalist’s Just the Facts feature helps readers cut to the chase.

Daily newspapers and other media are full of long articles. This forces you to comb through them to get the gist. That often means stripping out the key facts. Just the Facts accomplishes that task for you.

In essence, we invert the journalism model: We don’t bury the vital, must-know facts somewhere deep in the body of an article. Rather, we remove all that verboseness — to deliver the key facts straight to you.

As a result, it is much easier for you to be an informed citizen. Even more important, you have the time to reflect and weigh the evidence.

That way, you can be an engaged and informed citizen of your own nation — as well as an integral part of the global community.

With a steady stream of pivotal insights, The Globalist’s Just the Facts helps everybody get a better handle on key aspects of what shapes the global agenda. In effect, we establish a process of ideology-free, lifelong learning.


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