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Future of Globalization

Understanding the future of capitalism and other choices we make

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The rise of a new class of electable populist politicians, of various stripes, has led to a revitalized discussion on the future and fate of globalization — whether economic or political — in the 21st century.

In the past, such periods have seen retrenchments on the integration of both fronts.

But the spread of technology and more distributed rising development levels of our era challenge any assumption that history is doomed to repeat itself with such a rollback.

Still, the nature of globalization and its future course seems unlikely to continue along the track shaped in the aftermath of World War II. Will it be far more distributed and participatory?

Will the center of power shift from its current poles to new ones? Will it continue to be seen as primarily about elite or business interests, or will it become more people-oriented?

The Globalist’s Future of Globalization column aims to provide a range of perspectives on the next phase of global integration.

The writers of the Future of Globalization column were born in Germany, Japan, Russia, India, Ireland, France and Australia.


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