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Obama’s Amateur Hour

Syria: When “red lines” lead to red faces.

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America’s Political Divide

New evidence of increasingly political polarization in the United States.

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The U.S. Democrats as a Conservative Party

Despite all the talk about the Republican Party in need of splitting into two camps, aren’t the Democrats a more realistic target?

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Election 2012: America’s Weimar Complex

Why are Americans hesitant to elect their president by a direct popular vote?

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A Eurozone Without Germany?

Would a German exit from the eurozone be good for Europe’s southern economies?

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Mitt Romney: Occupy Wall Street’s New Poster Boy?

Could Mitt Romney provide an unlikely focal point for the long-suppressed U.S. debate about economic and social equity?

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Mitt Romney Vs. Republican Bigotry

Will anti-Mormon bigotry among Republicans help reelect President Obama?

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A Transatlantic Reversal of Fortune

Is America's optimistic spirit of renewal more likely to reassert itself in Brussels than in Washington?

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Making U.S. Politics Safe for Third Parties

How can the United States ensure that third parties don't act as spoilers?

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Fixing Immigration: If Not Now, When?

Will the United States ever get around to fixing its immigration system?

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