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Trump’s “New” Strategy in Afghanistan Is Doomed To Fail

After 16 years of fighting, dispatching an additional force of 4,000 soldiers will not change anything.

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Afghanistan: A Morally Corrupting War

There is no military solution to the war in Afghanistan. The solution to the debacle lies with the Afghan tribes.

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Deadly Farming: Afghanistan’s Opium Acres

The area under cultivation is approaching the size of the smallest U.S. state.

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Afghanistan’s Opium: No End in Sight

Despite U.S. elimination efforts since the 2001 invasion, production of the drug crop is much higher.

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The Taliban’s Cash Crop

Opium is an ever-larger source of funds and legitimacy for the once anti-drug Afghan insurgency.

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Afghanistan: Opium’s Global Ground Zero

Addiction in the top producer country is changing.

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Afghanistan: From Subjugation to Success

Following the fall of the Taliban, Kamila Sidiqi has taken full advantage of the new rights afforded to women.

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Before Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress on Iraq

Why the U.S. would be wise to disregard Netanyahu’s counsel on Iran, for everyone’s sake.

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Afghan Women Train to Save Lives

Afghan women train as midwives at a clinic in order to help save lives in their villages.

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Afghanistan’s Bitter Future

The consequences of the lengthy failure of the United States to address Afghan corruption.

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