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Reading the Tea Leaves in November

Is the United States ready to accept the 21st century?

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The United States’ Identity Crisis

Why does the United States stand at a crossroads in its effort to redefine its position in the international marketplace?

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Why a Transatlantic Chasm?

Why do myths about a “transatlantic gap” persist, despite little supporting evidence?

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Astonishing Transatlantic Cultural Comparisons

Are the United States and Europe really as divergent when it comes to social values as is commonly believed?

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Europe Vs. America: Some Inconvenient Environmental Truths

How does the United States stack up to Europe when it comes to environmental matters?

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Social Policy: How Wide a Transatlantic Gap?

Is the United States really that different from Europe in terms of its social policy?

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How America and Europe Are Alike

Are Europe and the United States really as different as is commonly assumed?

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The End of the American Century

Is the United States still the storied melting pot of cultures, or is it developing into something more?

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U.S. Exceptionalism and Climate Change (Part II)

Can the United States leverage its sense of exceptionalism to combat climate change?

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U.S. Exceptionalism and Climate Change (Part I)

Does American exceptionalism compel the United States to address climate change?

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