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Dubai: The Casablanca of Today?

If the classic film Casablanca were made today, it would be set in Dubai.

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The Egyptian Military Is Lifting Its Mask

Can Egypt’s military be trusted to allow democracy to take root in the country?

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The Terrorism Endgame: Lessons from the War on Anarchy (Part II)

Will the threat of terrorism fade away, much as the threat of radical anarchy did over a century ago?

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A Future City of Knowledge or a Killing Field?

How has the Mexican city of Monterrey been affected by the drug violence?

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Pakistani Women and Democracy (Part II)

What are the prospects for democracy in Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination?

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Pakistani Women and Democracy (Part I)

How have Pakistani women created a movement for democracy?

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Rabin’s Life — Sharon’s Legacy

How did two hardliners turn into unlikely peacemakers?

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Meet India’s Sonia Gandhi

How will yet another member of the Nehru-Gandhi clan leave her marks on India’s politics?

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