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Driving Turkey into the Arms of Russia?

The convergence of Russian-Turkish interests is likely only of a temporary nature.

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Trump’s (Premature) Attack on Syria

Who is left to defend the rule of law?

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Why Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon Gamble May Pay Off

Hezbollah may choose to focus on its all-important goal of securing Lebanese-Syrian relations, at the expense of the Houthis in Yemen.

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The Continuing Syrian Tragedy

Continuing violence in Syria is the most severe indictment of the international community’s ability to provide for peace and security.

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The West Should Unite to Crush ISIS

ISIS is now too powerful for the West to remain safe without commitment of large ground forces.

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The “Blame Russia” Line Deflects From U.S. Blunder

Why the Obama administration won’t admit the real targets of Russian airstrikes.

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Syria: The Equation Changes As Germany’s Merkel Makes a Move

Will the U.S. government catch up to Russia, China, Iran and Germany as they shape a new global consensus on Syria?

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Will Erdogan Invade Syria?

A ground incursion into northern Syria could pose numerous longer-term threats to Turkey.

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The Inevitable Emergence of Assad as a U.S. Ally

Syrian Rebels

The only option for the United States to defeat the Islamic State and end the refugee crisis.

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More Geopolitical Fumbles by the United States

U.S. bombing, reluctant Arab friends and ill trained Iraqi troops to save the world?

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