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How Europe and the U.S. Dropped the Baton

What does the end of U.S. and European global dominance mean for the world economy?

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China, the Middle East Revolution and the U.S. Counter-Revolution

How did the Beijing Olympics act as a catalyst for the revolutions sweeping the Middle East?

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Nationalism Vs. Globalism: The Possibility of One Asia

Can the countries of Asia go it alone, or do they still need the United States to keep them connected to each other?

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Sailing from Spain to China: Globalization by Sea (Part II)

How did China’s money supply and American silver influence early globalization trends?

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Spain and China in the Age of Globalization (Part I)

What led to China and Spain becoming pioneering ocean explorers in ancient times?

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China’s Immortal Empire

What meaning does the Forbidden City have for China and outsiders alike?

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China Returns to Its Global Roots

Can China’s future actions as a world power be predicted by a close look at its previous Golden Age?

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