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Brexit: Britain Entering a State of Emergency

It seems less likely by the day that Britain can solve its Brexit problem in an orderly parliamentary process. The question is whether there are other options.

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UK: Labour Hands UK to Tories for a Decade

Britain’s Labour party, by reelecting Jeremy Corbyn, faces a miserable decade, like it did in the 1950s and 1980s.

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The Race to Succeed Cameron

A checklist for who’s running for what in the British government now that David Cameron has bowed out.

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Brexit: The Day We Entered the Maelstrom

Bad political outcomes produce worsened economic outcomes and further social alienation.

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Cameron’s Major Brexit Folly: Britain Needed “Fixing” More Than Europe

When it comes to urgently needed reforms, the British Prime Minister should have focused on Britain first.

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Years of Confusion and Chaos After the UK Votes

The days of civilized, parliamentary exchanges that marked British politics belong to the last century.

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UK: Brexit or Not? 10 Clues to Tell

Just a month to go and still no one knows whether Brexit will happen. Ten pointers to look for in revealing the outcome.

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Make or Break Week for Brexit and David Cameron

David Cameron will get a form of words from Brussels this week. But will it be enough?

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Brexit: A Sound Deal for Cameron?

Brussels delivers some of what Cameron wants. But is it enough to defeat Brexit?

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Cameron’s Annus Horribilis

The choices of Britain’s Prime Minister will weigh heavily on the future of Europe.

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