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The Sand Lords of Dubai

As the working day comes to an end, workers in Dubai congregate to enjoy a bout of wrestling in the sand.

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Iran Sanctions: The Cat and Mouse Game Continues

Are U.S. sanctions against Iran strengthening the economic and financial position of its competitors, including China, India and Turkey?

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Dubai: The Casablanca of Today?

If the classic film Casablanca were made today, it would be set in Dubai.

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Spanish Soccer Teams and Sovereign Wealth Funds

Are sponsorships of sports clubs beachheads for sovereign wealth funds’ investments in the West's national champions?

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Developing a Winning Strategy for the Middle East

Why are business and interaction the keys to achieving the West’s objectives in the Middle East?

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The Closing of the American Border

How is the United States treating its foreign visitors?

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The Return of Global Inflation

How is global inflation affecting world economic development?

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