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Charlie Hebdo and the Project of French Identity

What to do when you are no longer the next universal vision for humanity?

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Russia: Life After Empire

How much smaller is Russia today than in its days as an empire?

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Weakened West or Triumph of Democracy?

In a triumph of Western democracy, the interventionist impulses of US and UK are cut down to size.

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China: Empire Building in the Age of Globalization

How has China systematically taken advantage of U.S. mistakes and policies?

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Democratic and Republican Exceptionalism

How are the Democratic and Republican parties both complicit in turning the United States into a warfare/welfare state?

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The Changing Nature of War

Is a philosophy of doubt the better counsel in deciding to go to war?

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What Tony Blair Never Told George W. Bush

Should the Bush Administration have studied Iraqi history before attempting to democratize it?

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Why the World Hates America

Could the root cause of soaring anti-Americanism lie in economic factors?

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