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The Destabilizing Effect of Cheap Oil

oil well

The fall in the value of oil has far reaching knock-on effects.

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A Carbon Cost: Germany’s Energy Transformation

Germany is not on target to meet 2020 emissions targets, due in part to the setback of rapid denuclearization.

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Turkey and Russia: Alliance or Battle Over Energy?

Turkey and Russia form stronger bilateral ties with a new extensive energy deal, but is it sustainable?

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Japan Vs. China: Oil and a Tale of Two Countries

How the oil price drop has very different effects on China and Japan.

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Texas & Germany: Energy Twins?

Texas and Germany may hold the key to the future of the world’s energy markets.

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Africa’s Electricity Divide

Sub-Saharan Africa has some of the lowest rates of access to electricity in the world.

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Sizing Up Nigeria’s Power Needs

Which common appliance uses about as much electricity in a year as the average Nigerian does?

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Africa’s Electricity Poverty

How many people in Africa live without any access to electricity?

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United States: Not Exceptional, But One Nation Among Many

Americans’ attitudes about the U.S. role in the world have changed markedly.

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U.S. Energy “Security” — Beware False Comfort

Reliance on a phony form of “energy security” locks the U.S. into a world of diminishing returns.

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