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Elections Do Not Make Democracy

Should the U.S. continue to support autocratic regimes, wherever they provide for a stable geopolitical situation?

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Syria, Iran and American Forgetfulness

Which nation is the key enabler of Iran’s steady rise in the Middle East?

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The U.S.-Israel-Iran Triangle

What options do the United States and Israel have for dealing with a nuclear Iran?

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Toward a Pacific-Oriented America? (Part I)

Is the United States really shifting from an Atlantic to an Asia-Pacific orientation?

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Turning Toward Asia? A Reality Check for Hillary Clinton

Is boastful U.S. rhetoric indicative of a desire to cling to a world that is no longer in reach?

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The Networking of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Importance of Europe

Why is the U.S.-EU relationship by far the most important bilateral partnership in the world?

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The End of American Centrality

Why are world-shaping events increasingly passing the United States by?

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The Networking of U.S. Foreign Policy

How are the realities of globalization forcing the United States to adopt a new foreign policy?

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America in the Global Competition of Ideas

Why is America's position in the global competition of ideas less robust than most Americans think?

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Divining Davutoglu: Turkey's Foreign Policy Under New Leadership

How is Turkey’s foreign minister steering the country towards new frontiers in international relations?

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