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Will Macron End Like François Hollande – Or Matteo Renzi?

France’s current political fight is over the country’s ability to accept evolutionary – rather than revolutionary — change.

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François Fillon’s Peculiar European Dance

While Macron wants a “European France,” Fillon aims for the pipedream of a “French Europe.”

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President Hollande’s Musings on India

In contrast to France, disruption rather than continuity is the order of the day in India today.

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How France Will Bail Out Germany’s Merkel

In the spirit of European cohesion, France will force Germany to change its refugee policy.

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France and the West: Inconvenient Questions

Action-reaction patterns in the November 13 terrorist attack in Paris.

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Europe and the Consequences of French Weakness

European changes since German reunification 25 years ago represent a double blow for France.

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Greece: Open for Business Again?

Don’t be fooled: Nothing has been resolved.

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Fear of War Over Ukraine

All eyes on are Minsk as world leaders meet to decide the fate of Ukraine.

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Europe’s Rules? Forget About Them

The rest of the world has it all wrong: The EU isn’t obsessing about rules.

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From Sarajevo to Brussels: The Big Picture

The European Union helped to create a grand European peace.

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