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6 Facts: London’s Economic Clout

London’s economy towers over the rest of the UK.

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India: Getting Back to No. 2

India used to have the world’s second-largest economy. Can it reclaim that position?

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Germany Vs. Greece: Behind the Headlines

Germany’s actual position on Greece.

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The Myth of Asia: Now Perpetrated By Asians Themselves

Why “Asia” never made any sense.

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Just The Facts: Brazil’s Global Economic Clout

How much clout does Brazil have in today’s global economy?

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9 Facts: Resurging Poland

Poland has come a long way since the fall of the Soviet Union.

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The Global Economy’s “Group of 48”

About a quarter of the world’s countries individually produce between 0.1% and 1% of global GDP.

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The Global Economy’s 0.1% Club

The majority of the world’s nations produce less than 0.1% of global GDP.

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It Is Lonely at the Top

Only 18 countries have more than a 1% share of the world’s total GDP.

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Nigeria: An Incentive for South Africa

Bigger GDPs for other countries in Africa are not a zero-sum game.

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