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Ghana’s Bamboo Bicycles

An enterprising Ghanaian man works with a team of locals to produce stunning bicycles from bamboo.

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Women’s Rights in Ghana: Protecting Widows

Akumaa Mama Zimbi helps widows in Ghana preserve their land and their rights.

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Can Africa Maintain its Economic Growth?

Smart Industrialization for Africa’s Economic Transformation.

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The Inexorable End of the Africa Story

Is all the excitement about the future of Africa’s economy really justified? Or is the continent’s success mostly just a commodities story?

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Elikeh: Music From Togo to D.C.

Adje! Adje! explores the personal odysseys of Africans abroad.

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Dateline Germany: The Ballack-Boateng Case

Nations used to go to war over all sorts of obscure matters. Does soccer help to channel — and ultimately deflect — such destructive tensions?

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Avoiding the Oil Curse

How can Ghana avoid the kinds of corruption and conflict that often accompany higher oil revenues?

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Promoting Democracy in Africa: Investing in the Next Generation

Why is investing in young people’s education so critical for development?

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Thailand, Ghana and the Military "Coup Trap"

How does a country's per capita income affect its government, culture and society?

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Ghana — Highlife in Low Times

Can the joyous sounds of Ghana’s highlife music break free from the shackles of the county’s turbulent politics?

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