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Outside War: Syria’s Women and Children Carry On, Abroad

Photo Gallery: Scenes of life in the world’s second largest refugee camp.

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Syrian Refugees: A Need for Global Burden Sharing

The world is on notice: We are facing a looming humanitarian crisis.

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Lessons for Libya from 1911

What is the key to the success of democracy in 21st century Libya?

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Will Central Asia Follow Egypt’s Example?

Will the chain reaction of protests crossing the Middle East now reach Central Asia?

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The Middle East or the Middle World?

From the Persian highlands, isn’t the Middle East viewed as the Middle West?

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Middle Eastern Police States

How much power do security agencies in the Middle East exercise in their countries?

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Jordan’s Dry Times

Is Jordan’s scarce water supply going down the drain?

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Queen Rania’s Western Ideal

Does Jordan really uphold the values it preaches?

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America’s Responsibility to Iraqi Refugees

Is the United States doing enough to provide sanctuary for those fleeing persecution and violence in Iraq?

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Dateline Jordan: John the Baptist Revisited

Does the peace between Jordan and Israel offer a glimpse of hope for the future of the Middle East?

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