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J’Accuse Erdogan

The weaker Recep Tayyip Erdogan is at home politically, the longer the list of the Turkish President’s transgressions gets.

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Turkey and the Kurds: What Goes Around Comes Around

Erdogan neglected alternative options that could have strengthened Turkey’s position — without sparking the ire of much of the international community.

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Trump and the Kurds: An Act of Betrayal and Infamy

Trump abandoning the Kurds will damage the U.S. and embolden its foes. It amounts to nothing less than treason.

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Why Erdogan Won’t Let Istanbul Slip Away

Erdogan can use any number of legal, political or foreign policy tools to ensure his candidate wins this time around, no matter the reputational costs.

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Driving Turkey into the Arms of Russia?

The convergence of Russian-Turkish interests is likely only of a temporary nature.

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Turkish-Russian-Iranian Summit: Limits to a Tripartite Entente

Putin has Turkey exactly where he wants it: As an upset NATO ally willing to break ranks with the alliance’s stance toward Russia.

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Erdogan: Everybody’s False Friend

The Turkish President only knows one loyalty — to himself. Little wonder Erdogan acts like a congenital flamethrower in international relations.

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The Kurdish, Iran, Iraq and US Quadrangle

Kurdish battle positions Kurds as US ally against Iran.

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Will There Be a Kurdish State?

Terrorism, oil, the crisis in Iraq, the Syrian civil war and geopolitics all weigh against the birth of a new Kurdish state.

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Toward Kurdish Independence?

The Kurds’ quest for self-rule is potentially explosive. It puts them in the crosshairs of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Russia and the United States.

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