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Liberia: The True Cost of Education

Mercy Womeh breaks rocks for less than four U.S. dollars a day to afford education to lift herself from poverty in Liberia.

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Austerity, Protests, Elections and Scandals: An International News Roundup

Stephan Richter discusses major international news stories with Diane Rehm on National Public Radio.

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Toward African Leadership

According to Liberia’s president, what kind of leadership does her continent need?

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Managing the Recovery of Failing States (Part II)

How much can the international community truly expect from a fragile, post-conflict government?

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First Lehman Brothers, Next Liberia?

Why is continued funding for fragile states still crucial, even in the midst of the financial crisis?

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A World of Twenty-Year Cycles?

Could it be that, every 20 years, a new generation sets out to shape the world?

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War Criminals: Beware the Ides of March

Do recent events in Africa indicate better odds for an effective multilateral justice system?

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Liberian Elections — A Shadow of Hope

Why is Liberia’s recent successful election only the beginning of what the country needs to accomplish?

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Who Will Lead Liberia?

How can Liberia overcome its past to move toward stability and democracy?

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