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How to Shape the EU in the Post-Brexit Era

The EU is not a mono-directional train headed toward “ever closer union.” An “ever better union” with a clear focus on the principle of subsidiarity might be more like it.

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How Poland and Germany Can Close Ranks

Instead of seeking war reparations from Germany, Poland should take steps that bring the country closer to the euro area to secure the country’s long-term economic interests.

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EU: On the Road to a Tallin Treaty?

A prediction about what lies ahead for the European Union.

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The EU’s Way of Managing Globalization Democratically

Does the EU have usefulness beyond providing peace and stability in Europe?

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Angela Merkel, Mick Jagger and the European Diplomacy Game

What do the EU members need to learn if they want to get what they need — and if they can’t always get what they want?

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Lady Ashton Takes Europe

Will the existence of a High Representative enable the creation of an EU-wide, cohesive foreign policy?

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Madame La Presidente?

What are the arguments for electing a woman as the first President of Europe?

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Ireland Says "Thank You" to Europe (Part II)

In what ways has Ireland’s EU membership proved crucial to the achievement of peace on the island?

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Ireland Says “Thank You” to Europe (Part I)

How has membership in the European Union benefited Ireland over the past few decades?

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Eight Potential Surprises for 2008

Will China finally lose its luster? Will the global economy stumble or soar? Here are some predictions for 2008.

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