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Brexit: Lower Immigration = Lower Growth

The uncertainty around Brexit is worsening the UK migration balance with the EU. This can have negative consequences for the British labor market.

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Refugees and Social Media Running Amok: A Special Season’s Greetings

To overturn “fake news” demands so much more than fact-checking. It takes educating society with critical thinking skills.

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After Merkel: Lax Migration Rules Trigger More Poverty

The entire increase in the share of people running the risk of poverty since 2005 is due to the bigger share of immigrants in the German society.

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How the Merkel Government Makes up Its Statistics

In reality, German government debt levels have been going up during Merkel’s 12-year reign – and this despite a booming economy.

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Turkey’s Economic Crisis: Does It Matter for the Eurozone?

A deep Turkish recession could lead to more migrants leaving Turkey for the EU. Currently more than three million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey.

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Germany: Will the CSU Really Topple Merkel?

The demise of the current Merkel government is not the most likely outcome yet. Both CSU and CDU would have too much to lose from it.

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A European Future for the Balkans? Detoured Yet Again?

The upcoming European Council Summit may well focus on migration — rather than the enlargement issue.

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Germany’s Coming Macron Migration Policy Shocker

Germany’s SPD has long seen Macron as a beacon of hope. But his stance on migration policy will greatly frustrate them – and rob Angela Merkel of her European cover.

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Will Merkel Fall?

If the CSU does not agree to any compromise on migration policy, Merkel’s government may fall apart.

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Russian Migration: In and Out

Russia is home to a million more immigrants than its large emigrant diaspora.

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