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Qatar: A Close-up

Are the wealthy few in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar exploiting poor foreign workers?

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Why Global Energy Diplomacy Matters

What is the U.S. State Department’s vision for a better future for global energy and the environment?

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Iran, Oil and U.S. Electoral Politics

Are U.S. energy and foreign policy objectives at odds with the electoral strategies of the presidential candidates?

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Labor Markets: The Unexploited Frontier of Globalization

How can international labor mobility be improved to help raise incomes around the world?

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The Elusive Quest for Energy Security

Why do the world’s countries need to take a global approach to securing future energy supplies?

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After the $147-Barrel Bubble (Part I)

What lessons should oil-producing states learn from the recent volatility in oil prices?

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Iran’s Mullahs, Money and Militias

How does Iran exert its influence in the Middle East?

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International Migration and the Global Agenda

What are the causes and effects of global migration?

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Whose Blood for Whose Oil?

Who will suffer the most from the disruption of the global flow of oil?

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