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Iran Protests: Urbanization as a Factor

Most Iranians live in cities. Protests are no longer confined to Tehran and other big cities, as the move to small cities is changing the landscape of protests.

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Iran Protests: The Young and the Jobless

Iran’s economy continues to struggle with not finding enough jobs for its young.

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Over 400 Languages: India and the United States

The world’s second- and third-most populous countries share a linguistic diversity.

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Global Population Growth Per Minute

On balance, how many more people did Earth gain every minute of the past year?

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Annual Population Growth by Region

How much did different world regions gain in population over the past year?

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The Global Gender Balance in 2017

What share of the population of each world region is female?

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Part I: The Moral Duty of the Elites

It is the moral duty of the elite to avert global disaster.

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The G20 by Population

More than half of the global population is represented at the annual G20 summit (July 7 & 8 this year in Hamburg).

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10 Facts: Where the World’s Muslims Live

The world’s Muslim population is highly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Russia: Really Part of Europe?

Most of Russia’s land lies in the East, but most of its people live in the West.

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