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The New Global Mercantilism

If Trump has his way, the liberal market economy of the post-war period is ending. The Trump world proudly and unapologetically embraces mercantilism.

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Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Opts for Trump

Theresa May’s main opponent sees economic nationalism and crass protectionism as the answer to Brexit.

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Six Ways How Trump Gets Trade and Europe Wrong

What Europe earns by selling goods to the U.S., it spends on licensing fees for U.S. technology and on U.S. services. Nothing unfair here.

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Trade Wars and the Clash of Perceptions

Trump sees China as a wealthy country with many poor people, while China sees itself as a poor country with wealthy people.

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Is There Method to Trump’s Trade Madness?

Why are Republicans siding with Trump’s trade war? Is it because they are dead-set against the European economic model which seeks social balance?

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US: No Positive-Sum Trade and Economic Strategy

The Trump administration places too much emphasis on reducing the trade deficit — and not enough on investing in future U.S. competitiveness.

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Toward a Trump Trade Round: Time to Negotiate!

The world has recoiled from Trump’s unilateralism. But history tells us that good things can come from false starts.

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Trump’s Steel Tariffs: Soft on China and Russia, Tough on Allies

Everything you always wanted to know about section 232 of the U.S. Act on steel and aluminum, but were always afraid to ask.

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Protectionism Is Back on the US Policy Agenda

Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum poses the danger of a costly tit-for-tat whereby U.S. trade protection will be countered by others.

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America First — Or Against All?

To Trump, everything in politics – even at the global trade stage – is about him personally and how it affects his business interests.

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